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    原子力顯微鏡 Ambient AFM / MFM
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    原子力顯微鏡 Ambient AFM / MFM

    Ambient AFM / MFM 原子力顯微鏡
    上海伯東代理英國 NanoMagnetics AFM - 原子力顯微鏡, 高精度和高分辨率使其可以分析許多不同樣品, AFM - 原子力顯微鏡可以在液體或空氣中測量. 手動校準, 采用白光 LED, 亮度可調, 視野更佳. Z 噪音降至25 fm/√Hz.

    Ambient AFM / MFM 原子力顯微鏡系統參數
    • Intermittent Contact / Phase Contrast
    • Contact
    • Non-contact
    • Lateral Force
    • MFM
    • EFM
    (Any single mode standard, additional modes may be
    added as options.)
    • Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)
    • Piezo Response Force Microscope (PrFM)
    • Kelvin Probe Force Microscope (KPFM)
    • Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscope (SSRM)
    • Conductive AFM
    • Capacitance Force Microscopy (CFM)
    • Force Modulation Microscopy (FMM)
    • AFM Spectroscopies
    • Nanoindentation
    • Nanolitography
    Maximum Z Resolution
    • <0.03nm with 100μmx100μm scanner
    • <0.01nm with 40μmx40μm scanner
    • <0.005nm with 4μmx4μm scanner
    Static/Dynamic RMS Cantilever Z Noise
    • <25fm √Hz noise floor with laser RF modulation
    Scan Range
    • 4x4x2 μm or 40x40x4 μm or 100x100x8 μm
    STM Current Range
    • 1pA-10nA, < 10fA / √Hz noise floor
    Maximum Sample Size/Height
    • 30x30x10 mm
    • Software controlled
    • Motorized
    • <50 mm range with <250 nm sensivity
    • CCD analog colour camera
    Camera Resolution
    • < 2 μm
    Light Source for Optical Microscope
    • White LED, adjustable from software
    Signal Processing
    • 16 bit ADCs / 24 bit DACs
    • Digital feedback with FPGA / DSP
    • Simultaneous scan of 16 channels
    up to 4096x4096 pixels
    • All of the commercial cantilevers can be used
    Acoustic and Vibration Isolation
    • Multilayer acoustic enclosure 180°access
    0.3Hz passive vibration isolation table

         Polyethyleneimine            Phosphorylcolamine Topography  Phosphorylcolamine Phase Contrast    Polyvinyl Acetate


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